Citadel XL maalauskahva

Citadel XL maalauskahva

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Citadel XL maalauskahva

Citadel XL koon maalauskahva, tähän kahvaan mahtuu sitten jo vähän isompikin base. Base koko mitä tähän mahtuu on 50 mm - 105 mm ja muodoltaan  ovaali ja pyöreä.

Valmistajan infoa : 

Designed for painters, by painters, the Citadel Painting Handle makes it much, much easier to hold your miniatures securely while painting them. It allows you to find the perfect angle from which to reach every part of your model while avoiding the hand cramps that can come from holding a base for a long time.

This XL edition features exactly the same ergonomically designed handle as the regular edition, but features a much more expandable, spring-loaded clamp mechanism able to tightly grip circular and oval Citadel bases between 50mm and 105mm in diameter. 

Grasping the sturdy plastic handle rather than the base or miniature you’re painting means fewer mistakes from accidentally touching wet paint and can help you improve your painting all round!

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