Tokyo Marui TM416 Delta Assault Rifle, Tan

Tokyo Marui TM416 Delta Assault Rifle, Tan

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Tokyo Marui TM416 Delta Assault Rifle, Tan

  • Material: Aluminium + Polymer + ZnAl
  • Length: 715 - 790 mm
  • Weight: 3135 g
  • Color: Tan
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~280 FPS
  • Engine: Electric Blow Back

The set includes:

- magazine
- manual
- RIS rails x 3
- adapter for charging of the battery

A highest-quality 416 assault rifle replica made by iconic, Japanese Tokyo Marui. It is characteristic for the excellent quality of materials used, the way parts fit together and reliability of operation - this is, however, expected of such a manufacturer, who is already a legend in the airsoft environment. 

The replica was made of metal (aluminum, ZnAl) and high-class polymer. Metal parts include: the receiver, handguard, external barrel and the stock slide. Parts made from polymer include the pistol grip and the adjustable stock with ergonomic stock pad - just like in the live firearm original.

Tokyo Marui 416 replica features a new generation EBB system - Electric Blow Back that imitates the bolt carrier’s movement, which sets a new standard for AEG replicas. Tokyo Marui EBB system offers incredible experience when firing by providing a powerful recoil directed at the shooter’s arm thanks to the integrated unit imitating the bolt’s recoil (Recoil Shock System). The realism is increased by a special system that prevents firing when the magazine is empty.

The double-sided fire mode selector is a pleasant and functional detail that makes the replica even more functional. Another treat is the enlarged charging handle and two QD tactical sling mounts.

The replica features a set iron sights by default, however, thanks to an array of RIS 22 mm mounting rails it is possible to modify the replica with various additional accessories.

The set includes a dedicated, 82 BB, polymer, Low-Cap magazine.

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