Umarex Beretta ARX160 Sportsline assault rifle

Umarex Beretta ARX160 Sportsline assault rifle

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Umarex Beretta ARX160 Sportsline assault rifle

  • Made of: Nylon Polymer + Metal
  • Weight: 2220g
  • Length: 570-900mm
  • Color: Black
  • Muzzle velocity: ~330FPS
  • Type: AEG

The set includes





-user manual

Umarex as the first on the market introduces the ARX 160 assault rifle replica, which is used by Italian military. Thanks to full license from the Italian Beretta company (Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.) the replica has all original markings, identical to those on the original firearm. The dimensions and details were also reproduced with attention. The Beretta ARX 160 is a perfect choice for any airsofter bored with countless M4/AK type replicas and wanting something fresh.

Same as in original, the most of the components were made using the high quality reinforced Nylon polymer. Other parts like magazine, charging handle, side RIS rails and tactical sling attachment points were made from metal. Also same as in original, the replica features quick barrel detachment system, it is done by pressing one holding pin.

The carbine has one long top 22mm RIS mounting rail and three shorter rails around the front hand guard. It allows the replica to be equipped with various additional accessories, including aiming devices, tactical lights and tactical grips. The ARX 160 stock is telescopic for adjustment to meet user's built and preferences. It can also be folded to the side, what makes the carbine even more compact. The accumulator storage is located inside the stock. The replica comes with a set of flip-up type folding iron sights.

The hop-up adjustment knob is accessed in classic way – by retracting the charging handle. The noteworthy detail is the working bolt-catch mechanism – the button is located on the magazine well. Another feature is comfortable ambidextrous fire mode selector.

The replica comes with a 300 bb's hi-cap magazine. The magazine casing was made from steel. What is important – the carbine is compatible with M4/M16 STANAG type magazines found on the market.

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