WE MSK carbine with Crane Stock, Tan

WE MSK carbine with Crane Stock, Tan

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WE MSK carbine with Crane Stock, Tan

  • Made of: Steel + ZnAl + Polymer
  • Weight: 3450g
  • Length: 910-990mm
  • Color: Black
  • Muzzle velocity: ~390 FPS
  • Type: AEG

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- set of 3 RIS segments
- set of iron sights
- user manual

The WE's MSK carbine replica is characterized by perfect parts fitting and high quality manufacture. There are no loose parts – the whole seems to be a solid structure. The replica was made from homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy, steel and high quality nylon polymer.

The pistol grip, lower receiver, stock and magazine were made from structurally reinforced nylon. All other parts, including upper receiver, outer barrel and front grip were made from metal.

Probably the most characteristic feature of the replica is the modular front grip unit allowing to adjust it for individual user preferences. The unit can be fitted with 22mm RIS rails segments in many configurations thanks to openings in the grip. The set includes 3 of these segments with mounting screws.

The replica is fitted with long top 22mm RIS mounting rail for installation of various optic aiming devices. Thanks to collapsible stock ended by rubber stock pad with anti slip surface it is possible to adjust the replica's length for user's preferences and built. The retractable stock allows for easy adjustment to the shooter's needs. The standard flash hider is mounted on a 14mm CCW thread which allows installation of silencer in its place. The set includes flip-up type iron sights attached to the RIS rail.

The inner structure is a compromise between innovation and functionality. One of the more interesting and characteristic features is main spring release buttonconnected with the fire selector. When the selector is set to SAFE, the spring is released and unnecessary stress inside the gearbox cease to exist. It greatlyincreases the mechanical parts' longevity and saves the main spring power.

The pneumatic unit elements are also made with highest possible attention to details. The one-part, polycarbonate hop-up chamber perfectly fulfills its role. Hop-up adjustment is done in the same way as in any other replica of that type – by retracting the charging handle. The working bolt catch is also noteworthy.

The reinforced gearbox built using 8mm bearings holds steel gears and polycarbonate piston. The whole system is powered by a high torque motor.

The replica comes with a 300 bb's polymer hi-cap P-MAG magazine.

The set does not include a battery and a charger.

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